Witwork Cafe 302 Abu Dhabi – Best Interior & Staff.

Witwork Cafe 302 Abu Dhabi – Best Interior & Staff.



Witwork cafe 302 Abu Dhabi lets you enjoy a full-on coworking experience. With plenty of food options including the vegan, you can also enjoy Power seating. Seating with power plugs to let you sit at your favorite place without the worry of plugs and power supply. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy your first free coffee or tea and enjoy free water throughout your coworking experience.

However, you should Keep in mind that these amenities and such premium services are available at conditions of accepting and abiding by some of the rules which prohibit you from bringing your pets here.

Witwork Cafe 302 Abu Dhabi Award-Winning | Testimonial.

and also prohibits you from smoking indoors but don’t worry as you are provided by the terrace facility outside for smoking. (although consider leaving smoking please).

The value Witwork Cafe 302 Abu Dhabi delivers

It’s such an interesting interior design! It’s tailor-made to entertain your business meetings and simply just make your day. An incredible selection of food and beverages are available to add taste to your business meetings. Moreover, high-speed wi-fi is available to delight your business experience and connectivity.

Witwork Cafe 302 | Coworking Dubai Packages.

As for reaching out to your workplace, one of the problems usually faced is the issue of parking, and to which cafe 302 is an exception. Enhance your coworking experience in cafe 302 and enjoy your first tea or coffee absolutely free! And if you become a witkwork member, then you will be able to avail of 25% on Business Lunch and you can only avail it being a WitWork member, and depending upon the availability, you can also avail 15% on catering.

With all these amenities, there also comes the rules which you have to follow., Among Witwork Cafe 302 Abu Dhabi rules stand on the first and foremost, you can smoke but only outdoors, and don’t worry you don’t have to stand there either as you are provided with outside a sitting area. For rule number 2, Cafe 302 does not entertain pets and outside.

Witwork Cafe 302 Abu Dhabi competency.

It’s absolutely amazing for the coworkers. Its prominently appreciated features are its eatables. Including buffet and burgers, eggs benedict, vegan food options. Don’t forget the drinkables as well which such as juices. It has a perfect atmosphere. Modern industrial design to entertain its guests and is said to be one of the most beautiful cafes in the city.

What makes it further excellent is the staff services and the level of hospitality they are able to deliver. It’s a cozy place with excellent services and great food options, and the staff is always ready to lend the ear to see what’s up with you. Once you are on the break, chilling out looking to reenergize your energy levels, you can enjoy a great coffee and you will be able to recognize and appreciate truly if you are a real coffee consumer.

At most, what you will be able to face is a little delay in services. However, the delay is improbable. The food quality is impressive and there are plenty of food options including the vegan ones. You may find the prices a little exaggerated as the quality of the food is such a premium, but as per the popular opinion, the quality of food is worth every dinar you pay.


Witwork Cafe 302 is providing an amazing experience to its visitors and customers. Moreover, its review section is exploded by the 4 and 5-star reviews and positive words. It really seems like if you are in Abu Dhabi, you should really consider visiting this place and experience how is it like getting served here and coworking.

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