Downtown Dubai Coworking – The CoWorking Popup

Downtown Dubai Coworking – The CoWorking Popup

Souk Al Bahar Bridge, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Downtown Dubai Coworking – The CoWorking Popup covers private office rentals and even student coworking and is a good place which seems tailor-made to support your start-up business in a competitive working environment that offers basic work necessities and keeps you continue your tasks with a value-added consistent pace which is looked after and backed up by powerful equipment, ranging from recording studios to scanners and printing machines.

Work in a mentoring community in a friendly workspace where mentors feel pleasure to deliver their service and play their part in servicing the entrepreneurial habitat, which entertains entrepreneurs from different industries and expertise.

The value Downtown Dubai Coworking – The CoWorking Popup delivers

The Co-Dubai offers you a complete package the list of which starts from event and meeting spaces to high-speed internet and powerful equipment which includes scanners, projectors, printers, and recording studios. It backs-up your co-working space by using the “adding value” technique, which is adding stuff like laundry services and children’s care which is not that common to come across in co-working spaces. Snooze-friendly areas are not an exception.

Along with its strong basic set-up, it is certified by the Dubai Economy and it also hosts TED’s independently organized events. Here you will be able to find Snooze-friendly and meditation areas for those who want to look for the chillout part. Then there is an outdoor terrace for the lovers of open-air and kitchen for the foodies and event space for the extroverts.

CoWorking Popup doesn’t only promote a working environment, but it also promotes you as a business person by letting you apply for the Dubai Trade License online (  and lets you grow as a business person. Connect with mentors at co-working popups and from investors to Government personnel and learn how you can keep your business in line with the legality issues and strategies and tactics that you need to know to keep on moving towards expansion and growth.

Downtown Dubai Coworking – The CoWorking Popup Competency:

The working space here is quite nice with a slight space, the hospitality however is said to be great and the overall environment is a very pleasant one. The overall environment puts competitive pressure on the businesses and seems like it’s tailor-made to support the start-up businesses.

The competition, however, is with time as it closes at 6 p.m. and is open from Monday to Thursday constantly, with Fridays and Saturdays closed and Sunday is open, opening and closing as the rest of the days 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you don’t want to engage in competition with time, get yourself Virtual Office from CoWorking Popup and enjoy by availing your business impression and make it last on your clients!

Overall, it’s a nice place to be to support your business’s growth by providing it a comparatively comfortable environment backed and packed with facilities, value-added common areas, and free tea, coffee, and onsite purchases. If you are looking for a pricing table to get your membership, you have options to choose from a free 1-day pass to corporate CoWorking.

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