Regus Tamouh Tower Abu Dhabi Serviced Offices.

Regus Tamouh Tower Abu Dhabi Serviced Offices.

Tamouh Tower - 16th Floor - Jazeerat Al Reem - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Regus Tamouh Tower Abu Dhabi offers basic services and required amenities. These services ensure a smooth business day. In addition to the technical equipment, the staff and its admin support are a contributing factor to your business impression. 

Did you find what you were looking for? Moreover, are these services appropriate for your business needs?

The value Regus Tomouh Tower Abu Dhabi delivers.

Regus Tamouh Tower Abu Dhabi offers furnished offices backed by high-speed internet. As your team(s) keep on putting size, you can add more desk space. Regus still lets you avail all the facilities according to your requirement. All of these services can be availed either on a long-term basis or short-term, project-based offices. Avail of these facilities in an all-inclusive pricing style.

However, you may want to know the pricing policies before making your move. Check out Regus’s relocation terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are concerned with your relocation/ moving out from Regus to another workplace. This will help you decide your matters wisely regarding your business. A recipe for making an informed decision rather than based on intuition.

Among the available office styles, you can avail a window office which will let you enjoy the outside view to stay refreshed. For those who love to stay concentrated still and sharp-focused is an interior office that will entertain them. The facilities are the same as a window office except for the window. Regus also offers a sociable environment for working. Work in a shared environment with an established rule of first come first served.

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Regus Tomouh Tower Abu Dhabi competency.

Regus claims that it doesn’t charge you for more than the space that you have already utilized. So you can easily scale up according to your needs. Serviced offices are equipped with ergonomic furniture which is appropriate to serve you right. All the offices are equipped with secure and fast performing internet.

Professional reception services are available to greet your guests and client. Helping in strengthening your business and providing the required support. All of these factors combine to make up a professional business environment. It not only enhances your experience of coworking but also enhances the interaction between your business and your client.

To relax your mental exhaustion, there are chill-out areas to enjoy your tea and coffee. Office cleaning and maintenance on the other hand also enhance the look and experience of working. All of this, you can avail, book, and ask the Regus through the Regus Application, available for both:

Regus App for the Android System | Regus App for the Apple Users 


Regus claims to provide all the basic necessities including serviced offices with high-speed internet and ergonomic furniture. Also, to enhance the experience of coworking, Regus offers admin support and friendly staff to help you right with the difficult tasks. After you’ve had a tiring business day, there are break-out and chill out areas which let you enjoy the priceless moments of joy & peace.

Regus covers a wide variety of office spaces. Ranging from outstandingly lavish and competent to more decent ones. These office spaces are good enough for working and equipped with facilities that are necessary to run a smooth business day.

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