Regus’s Office Space in Abu Dhabi Al Falah Building

Regus’s Office Space in Abu Dhabi Al Falah Building

Abdullah Hamad Lowaie Al Alameri Building Mezzanine, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Floor - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Regus Abu Dhabi Al Falah is a strategic location, Abu Dhabi being the hub of economy and culture. Previous important for businesses and the latter important for people going to businesses. The glamour of the cultural delights the coworkers around Abu Dhabi who travel to their coworking space. In addition to the pleasure of the coworkers, the culture’s delight is undoubtedly equally important for the freshness of the place.

Each office has the support of basic facilities. Moreover, Modern interior design and ergonomic furniture enjoin the environment to contribute a professional look. In addition to the supportive environment, Its professional and friendly services deliver much-needed assistance to the coworkers like you.

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The value Regus’s office space in Abu Dhabi Al Falah building delivers.

Regus’s Serviced Office Space situated in Al Falah Buiding is a prime location. That is because Abu Dhabi ranks in the biggest and most economically prosperous places in the U.A.E. It’s not only a hub for the Economy but of culture as well. One of the plus points of a cultural hub is the charm of a culture which glamourizes the city.

The services that are provided to the offices across the business center makes the working environment much professional. The overall friendliness makes it easy for the coworkers to efficiently put in their effort. On the other hand, window offices are available to enjoy an outside view. It not only lets you enjoy the best view but keeps you refreshed as well.

You may also consider an office suite which is an office plus a meeting room. It generally contains a meeting table and 2 desks. For more of the extrovert type, there is a shared working space environment. It contains a hot-desking policy and it is all about first come, first served.

Avail of the freedom of customizing your office and scale up as needed. There is no need for you to pay extra charges for more than you utilize. However, to further ensure this claim, make sure that you read the pricing policy before you move in. It’ll help you make sure that your decision is an informed one. Better for both, you, your business, and Regus.

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Regus office space in Abu Dhabi Al Falah building competency.

Whenever moving into a new place, all you need are good manners, happy individuals, and professionalism. co-operative work team who can guide you through the new stuff and really contribute to a better coworking experience. Such is the service criteria met by the individuals of working staff at Regus in Abu Dhabi, Al Falah building.

Now onto the meeting rooms. These meeting rooms are a perfect place for arranging meetings and impressing your clients. Enjoy your meetings in a nice and beautiful environment. This is the way of arranging successful client meetings and interviews. It’s a clean place which is equipped with a professional staff, modern furniture, and competent design.

Overall, it’s a quiet atmosphere with professionalism lurking in the air inside. Situated in a strategic area which also makes it a successful location. With professional staff waiting just around the corner to solve your queries. All of these factors contribute to making a great environment to work in and really make the coworking experience count.


Regus’s serviced offices situated in Abu Dhabi Al Falah is a strategic location that offers the delights of culture and makes it fun to work. All the serviced offices are provided with basic and necessary facilities to ensure a smooth business day. These facilities include professional and helpful staff, a quiet atmosphere, and a furnished place for meetings and interviews.

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