Regus Dubai, Boulevard Tower 1 – Prime location

Regus Dubai, Boulevard Tower 1 – Prime location

13 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Looking to start coworking in Downtown Dubai? Perhaps you would look forward to situating among one of the most known and busiest streets so that you enjoy working in a place that entertains concentration while the world around you moves. Regus’s office space in Boulevard tower lets you avail work-friendly environment with one of the most transport-link rich locations in the city.

Are you looking to avail of similar values that can help you support the growth of your business? Perhaps, considering the entrepreneur-friendly environment is the next step in the journey of your business growth.

The value Regus Dubai, Boulevard Tower 1 delivers.

Regus is a world-known network of coworking areas with facilitated meeting rooms and virtual offices in over 3,000 locations all over the world. Not only it has one of the largest networks of coworking spaces all over the world but it also has one of the largest numbers of customers all over the world, which serves as a testimonial.

The opening hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, all the weekdays. Enjoy all the basic plus luxurious amenities, including spacious and facilitated meeting rooms, furnished offices with lavish furniture and high wifi speeds, you will be allowed to add new desk space as you keep on recruiting and also enjoy the features of temporary offices which you will be able to book for the purpose of completion of your project.

Enjoy the freedom to cancel at month’s notice. All of this comes with the addition of the availability of virtual offices.

All in all, what you will be able to avail will be a facilitated office with a view with a complete office suite which is inclusive of office and meeting room, and if you’re wondering what it consists of then it consists of 2 desks with a meeting table. But an interior office with a regular look which will not include the view, but will be backed by facilities and all. Last but not least, the desk space in a shared office environment which is governed by a popular but disciplining rule, first come, first served.

Regus Dubai, Boulevard Tower 1 Competency:

Regus Dubai offers one of the best and most competent infrastructures in Dubai. The boat-like shape in structure, its front material, which is glass makes the building flood with natural light which makes it an attractive spot for your clients and creates an opportunity for your business to cast an impeccable impression which only further guarantees the subconscious trust of your client on your business.

It is among the most competent locations in the coworking community which lets you avail the expansive 1036 meters of customization so that you can imagine, build, and work according to your needs. Mind it, you are not alone who wants to set up their business here, some well-known multi-national giants are located within this business.

One of the primary advantages of this office is that it is transport-link rich. Many transport links connect on the street which will let you travel with ease across the city, wherever, whenever, and however, you want to.

When looking for the values that you can get out of any service or product, keep in mind the needs and requirements fulfillment of which will bring you ease and satisfaction.

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