Regus B1 Building Cubes Park. Regus’s Serviced Office Space.

Regus B1 Building Cubes Park. Regus’s Serviced Office Space.

Address: B1 Building, 1st Floor Cubes Park ICT - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Regus B1 building cubes park is an excellent location to situate your business. Not only does this make it beneficial for Regus itself but for the individuals and as well as for businesses. Furthermore, It is located in a key industrial area. Building’s location makes it a perfect place for businesses to cast their impression on their clients.

In addition to the mentioned feature(s), you have all the basic facilities at your disposal. These basic facilities are shared in almost all Regus Serviced Office Spaces across the globe.

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The value Regus B1 Building Cubes Park delivers.

Location is the ‘it’ feature when it comes to having a strong business impression. What makes the location of Musaffah ideal is its presence in the key industrial area of Abu Dhabi. Also, this area is continuing to expand and making its way to the business island.

Regus serviced offices support a full-on working experience. The High-speed internet and modern design interior offices are part of the basic facilities. The coworking is further improved through the addition of Ergonomic Furniture. It helps to enhance the human interaction experience with the environment. You also have chill-out areas at your disposal to keep your mind at peace. However, office spaces are not too big or spacious. However, you can add or remove space as per your needs along. Moreover, you can customize it at your will as well.

You can choose from Thousands of meeting rooms at your will. Decide what satisfies your need for a business conference or an interview. Its professional look will make it work perfectly for your single event.

In addition to the above facilities, You can also enjoy hot desking as well if you want to work in a shared environment. Book it through the Regus App!
Regus App for the Android System | Regus App for the Apple Users

Regus B1 Building Cubes Park Competency.

The service delivery is just right which makes it an appropriate place to work & Hold meetings. However, we need to understand that for every place/product and/or service, terms and conditions vary. In other cases, various policies apply as well. Different places have different policies for pricing and things alike. Check them before you move.

This is an easy way to get started: or try using Ask Regus in the Regus Application. This is how you can know more about the charging policies. In addition to pricing policies, you can also learn about policies regarding their expectations from the businesses & individuals.

Overall, the experience of coworking is expected to be comfortable here. You’re backed by the necessary facilities to ensure a smooth business day. Small-sized offices with a little mix of color to give you that refreshment and wake the energy in you.

Try contacting Regus for the small-size office issue. Check out their size according to your needs. Move only if according to your needs. Give them a call at (051) 2099204.


Regus in B1 is situated in a key industrial area and backed by the necessary facilities. It is a prime location for a coworking space. This feature helps all the coworkers in casting their business’s impression on clients. It only extends the customer relationship further and the client’s interaction experience with them and their business.

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