Regus Airport Road in Abu Dhabi – Serviced Offices.

Regus Airport Road in Abu Dhabi – Serviced Offices.

Airport Road, Rashid Al Maktoum Street 2 Al Odaid Office Tower, 10th, 11th & 12th Floor - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Regus at the Airport Road in Abu Dhabi is part of the Regus, the leader in global workspace provisions & manages the largest global workspace network. Moreover, Regu’s offices contain modern design and let you breathe in a spacious office environment. It’s a beautiful place for holding meetings and roaming around freely.

Such are the perks you can enjoy in Regus Abu Dhabi Airport Road office. It is located 20 minutes away from Abu Dhabi International Airport. In addition, it’s essential for the businesses that are looking to connect to the central business district.

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The value Regus Abu Dhabi Airport Road Office Space delivers.

Before moving onto the facilities provided, we shall mention the location of the building. It is one of the prime factors to consider when moving to any coworking space. The office provides quite a view over the city as it sits in a 16 story building. Not only on the 16th floor but on three different floors of the building as well. Locating your business here would mean easy access across the city. Easy access includes essential areas such as the airport and central business district.

Offices here are built for every person-in-business. Including a freelancer who wants to situate in a temporary office can do so and avail no short or lesser services than a usual standard. However, they may differ based on the packages bought. Offices are furnished and equipped with excellently designed furniture. These features add to the overall look of the office environment. Moreover, these features make the office environment look more professional. It’s a good place for your business image especially when a client is called up for the meeting.

As you keep on adding more people to your team, you can increase the size of your office space. Take up space as per your needs & pay accordingly. Talking about payment, all the facilities are included in the all-inclusive pricing. Just be sure to check the pricing policies and other policies as well to ensure a positive experience.

Regus Abu Dhabi Airport Road Office Space competency.

Offices are spacious which really helps people out in their business activities. However, it is not only space which makes the environment co-operative. For the people in business in the center, they also have the support of professional staff in the business center. The staff is responsible to help out with the hindrances in day-to-day business tech support. Services provided in the business center are nothing short of competent and professional.

But, it is important to note that Regus operates on a Global Level. It has one of the largest coworking networks that service freelancers, fast-growing businesses, and large companies. It was essential to make mention of this fact. It’ll make it easy for us to understand that different working spaces work with different policies. These policies vary on different grounds including charges, leases, and other similar legal processes.

Therefore, it’s best for you to understand and learn about those policies in a better way before you move. This will help you ensure a better experience by making informed decisions. As sometimes, there are some policy changes that are better for the overall business community which doesn’t necessarily coincide with your interests and revenue structure. So better yet, check before you make your move.


Regus Abu Dhabi Airport Road Office Space lets you enjoy the perks of customizing your office and paying as per your needs. In addition to that, it backs you with basic facilities such as high-speed internet and supporting staff. Moreover, it also entertains you with meeting rooms with modern design furniture to help you impress clients. 

Are these the needs you are trying to satisfy? If not, then what do you look for when searching for a coworking space?

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