Regus’s Office Space in Abu Dhabi, ADGM – AL Maqam Tow

Regus’s Office Space in Abu Dhabi, ADGM – AL Maqam Tow

Regus ADGM Square, Maryah Island, Al Maqam Tower, 34th & 35th Floor, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Regus’s services office in Abu Dhabi, ADGM – AL Maqam Tow is one of the prime examples of co-operative working spaces both internally and externally.

Internal factors being well-equipped and modern design offices with professional reception services and overall business atmosphere which facilitates you a business in day to day business activities and ensures a smooth business day, also it helps out in strengthening the business impression.

External factors being the 5000 parking spaces available which hopefully eases the parking experience and you finally don’t have to rush from your home well before your official attendance time so that you get that parking space just right. One of the important external factors is also the road connectivity and its link t the rest of the city and the United Aram Emirates and 30 minutes away is Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The value Regus’s office space in Abu Dhabi Al Falah building delivers

Regus’s office space in Abu Dhabi, ADGM – Al Maqam Tow is located in the building which entertains over 5000 car parking spaces which have the potential to solve your parking space issues where you constantly worry about reaching the right time well before your official time to make it to your favorite spot.

The factor of prime location is just as important as the building design which is situated 30 minutes away from the international airport. It provides flexible transportation where you are able to connect to the rest of the city and the United Aram Emirates by road.

Talking about more of the shared features which are shared by almost all the Regus’s offices almost all around the world which starts covering you from the high-speed internet which is a basic necessity in the times of global connectivity. Glamourizing your working space by equipping it with modern and ergonomic furniture which beautifies your coworking environment and your meeting rooms as well.

All of the basic workspace related facilities are provided to you in a full fashion and they are all covered in an all-inclusive pricing style. This an-inclusive pricing covers all the facilities provided to you in your workspace. And as you keep on growing and gaining team size, you can add desk space accordingly.

If you are looking to base your office for the completion of your project and if your need doesn’t suggest a long-term plan with the Regus, then opt for the temporary offices to take off your project in a fully facilitated fashion.

Regus office space in Abu Dhabi Al Falah building competency.

Regus Offices in Abu Dhabi located in ADGM – AL Maqam Tow are greatly serviced offices which makes them well presented and consequently, professional-looking. This is the minimum standard of offices in order to have a professional look and therefore impress clients, strengthen the business impression, and run a smooth business day.

Talking about strengthening the business impression, receptionists to greet you, your guests, and/or clients are professional enough to play their part in your overall business image. Customer execution is one of the hardest jobs which not only requires dealing with people with a positive attitude (not only a happy face) but managing to do the same when in a bad mood.

Such professionals are hard to find, here, you may be able to find one based on popular opinion. Professional reception services, presented amenities paired with a prime location and strategic as well which allows you to connect to the rest of the City and the United Arab Emirates by road which has 5000 parking spaces as well, all of these factors (internal and external) combine to make a distinguished coworking experience which certainly has the potential to meet customer satisfaction level.


Regus’s serviced offices situated in Abu Dhabi ADGM – AL Maqam Tow provides facilitated transportation access to all over the city and the United Arab Emirates by road, being 30 minutes away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. Not only does this make a strategic location, but the factor of having a large parking space with 5000 spaces also contributes towards the prime factor of the location.
Together these services with modern design furniture, professional receptionist, and equipped coworking spaces enhance the coworking experience and make it one of the best coworking spaces available.

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