Regus Abu Dhabi Al Bateen C6 – Office Varieties and Spacious Coworking.

Regus Abu Dhabi Al Bateen C6 – Office Varieties and Spacious Coworking.

Al Bateen tower c6 Bainunah 1st and 2nd floor street 34 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Regus is the global leader in providing office spaces. However, Regus in Abu Dhabi, Al Bateen C6 provides all the facilities that you require to cut your upfront costs. Consequently, it lets you move into a coworking space equipped with modern design, lavish furniture, and technical equipment. All just in place to let you experience a smooth business day.

Go through the locations and place bookings for meeting rooms through Regus’s mobile application for android or find it on the apple store.

The value Regus Abu Dhabi Al Bateen C6 delivers.

Regus as usual succeeds in delivering furnished offices. These offices are equipped with modern furniture to create a convenient and professional environment. In addition to that, it supplies high-speed internet to facilitate your business day. As you go and grow along the way, you can take up desk space as per your need. Feel free to increase your office size as you keep adding people to your team.

Regus in Abu Dhabi has your back when it comes to having temporary offices. These offices are provided and backed by proper facilities. However, every facility that you avail of at your workplace, it’ll be covered by all-inclusive pricing.

Coworking space in Al-Bateen is rich in working spaces. It means you have the option to select an office suite which is basically an office space partnered with a meeting room. You can also opt for window or interior offices. It is totally up to you.

If you’re a sociable person who is always open to new opportunities then get your desk-space in a shared office space. It will serve your nature just right.

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Regus Abu Dhabi Al Bateen C6 competency.

It is a good way of avoiding upfront costs as it avails all-inclusive charges. All-inclusive charges enable a variety of users. These users range from individual freelancers,  fast-growing businesses, to large companies. With coworking spaces, they can avoid the standard & hectic legal procedure(s). 

Regus’s coworking network is all over the world, facilitating different businesses and start-ups. In addition to the basic facilities, Regus is supporting businesses through virtual offices and meeting rooms. 

Indeed, Regus’s Global Network expansion has occupied its position in 3000 places across different regions in the world.

Not only it is the leader in this industry, but it has also one of the biggest client networks. This client network is over and above 2.5 million in number and counting by days, months, and years. 

If you’re thinking to move in, then know that you are not an exception. Giant companies are now on their way to utilize coworking spaces such as LinkedIn and Amazon. The reason? Avoiding upfront costs is a dream come true for all-sized businesses!


Regus is serving businesses from all around the world. Providing them with a professional, modern design, and facility-rich environment increases their productivity. For the businesses that know what their purpose is, what values to deliver, and what mission to achieve, Regus has solved their problem. So instead of starting from a Garage, they can start with a coworking space.

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