Regus Abu Dhabi Al Arjan Serviced Office Spaces.

Regus Abu Dhabi Al Arjan Serviced Office Spaces.

Al Arjan Building Mezzanine, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Regus Abu Dhabi Al Arjan. It is the global leader in the network of coworking spaces that consistently deliver value. It powers businesses by providing them with strategic locations. In addition to strategic locations, it also provides connectivity and various office space types. Moreover, these serviced office spaces satisfy the basic workspace need of all-sized businesses.

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The value Regus Abu Dhabi Al Arjan delivers

“Location Location Location!” Is what they say in the real estate business. Regus seems to nail this idea in most of its office locations. As for the Regus’s office in Al Arjaan, it’s located in the central business district. It is not only a busy area, but it’s a rare idea to entertain that central business district is not ‘transport rich’ with regards to links in the city.

There are 6 floors which include Mezzanine and all the way to the 5th floor. All are ready to use and equipped with basic facilities to get you started when and how you want. However, it should be noted that All-inclusive pricing applies to all the basic facilities that you avail of. These facilities include high-speed internet, a spacious office, and ergonomic furniture. All of which contributes to the development of a professional business environment. In addition to the facilities after you set up, you can also opt for temporary offices. If you are managing a project-based business.

There are various types of offices that Regus offers. All of them offering a different environment. Starting with an office space paired along with a meeting room. It helps you to entertain your guests in addition to your basic working space.

Additionally, there is a window office for the people who love “views”. Watch the outside through the window as you process your amazing ideas. Lastly, if you love to work in a shared environment, then a sociable workspace is what you need. Where you’ll get to work with a ‘first come, first served’ policy.

Regus Abu Dhabi Airport Road Office Space competency.

When looking for coworking spaces to set-up, what you really need is a good human interaction. Supportive Staff is key to make an appropriate fresh settlement. Regus Al Arjan’s staff offers this level of support to let you settle in easily.

Parking is one of the major issues faced by Coworkers. Not getting your parking space only results in frustration. Moreover, It affects your ability to work with a positive vibe. Well, Regus solves this matter & lets you enjoy easy parking. Enhancing your coworking experience. Moreover, the overall office environment further provides you mental support, which makes it easy for you to perform.

Last but not least, maintenance services at the Regus Ajman keep the environment nice and friendly. It’s an important factor in business productivity.  As we know that productivity is all about human interaction with the overall environment. Individuals tend to perform low in such circumstances. 


Regus Abu Dhabi Al Arjan is able to deliver quality services just right. Satisfying its businesses and customers. Its strategic location is an addition to the repertoire of Regus’s offered facilities. Paired with high-speed internet and ergonomic furniture, and modern design interior. Not only that but good looking meeting rooms which are also among the basic factors needed for the business performance and impression.

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