GlassQube Masdar Abu Dhabi | Coworking Office Space.

GlassQube Masdar Abu Dhabi | Coworking Office Space.

GlassQube Krypto Labs Building - Masdar City - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


GlassQube in Masdar Abu Dhabi coworking space is located a bit away from the Abu Dhabi center. GlassQube not only supports start-ups but empowers them by providing all the basic facilities. Moreover, it also supports licensing features which really makes it a powerful place to start your business. License your business and form your company with valid support. Equipped with an industrial look and professional staff & offers friendly services. All of these services focus on strengthening your business impression. Besides carrying a strong business impression, GlassQube also lets you experience supported coworking.

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The value GlassQube in Masdar Abu Dhabi delivers.

GlassQube in Masdar Abu Dhabi offers you 24-hour member access with high-speed internet, air conditioning, and heating, making the environment all comfortable to experience coworking. Moreover, free parking at the premise is available so you don’t have to worry about any of the parking fees/ charges.

You are provided efficient support through the basic equipment. It includes printers and scanners, a sound recording system, and a 3D printer as well. Besides, when you are exhausted, enjoy the onsite cafe in the lounge (chill-out) area. Relax and taste your coffee as you re-energize in a powerful way.

The skype room facility is also provided. It helps you out in holding your online meetings in a professional, effective, and in comfortable way.

GlassQube in Masdar Abu Dhabi competency.

Despite having the industrial look, GlassQube in Masdar Abu Dhabi office space has industrial look which not only inspires you to work but feels like home to its visitors with amazing facilities, warm greetings, and an environment rich with opportunities. The mentioned qualities make it an appropriate place for the start-ups especially.

Not only it is an amazing co-working space but it’s an amazing venue and absolutely the right place to hold your meetings and impress your clients with amazing meeting rooms and industrial interior design. What makes this place even more appropriate for start-ups is the nice and amazing staff who is there to help out you and your guests and this only results in a strengthened business impression and also lets you experience support, letting you run through your business day smoothly.

Arguably the largest coworking space which is a little away from the center of Abu Dhabi. One of the distinct features of this coworking space is that it lets you license your business paired with all the basic facilities that are needed in an average business day which is such empowerment and encouragement for the start-ups.


GlassQube is a perfect coworking set-up to empower startups. Not only through the basic facilities but also through the licensing facility that it provides, A strong interior look paired with the professional staff support. It not only lets you impress your client but also experience supported coworking and consequently ensure a smooth business day.

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