Regus at DWTC – Experience the Next Level Global Networking

Regus at DWTC – Experience the Next Level Global Networking

Central One District C1 Building, Level 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dubai DWTC is the way to global networking and staying competitive in the modern-day era. By providing all the basic facilities and additional amenities, Regus ensures that the individuals, fast growing businesses (small scale businesses), and large companies are well equipped in the provided environment so that they excel in their performance with the help of satisfactory services.

Is this the level of service you are looking for? Does the aim of businesses align in harmony with Regus’s aim?
If so, then get your Serviced Office at the Dubai World Trade Centre today and be a part of the Global Networking Experience.

The value Regus at DWTC Delivers.

Customize your desk per your needs and don’t pay a penny more. It is made possible by giving you the option to pay by the hour, week, or month, whatever your need may be. It is not only convenient for start-ups but for the established businesses as well, who doesn’t want a cost-effective way to ensure a smooth business experience?

It also provides an ideal way for the businesses that are looking to network and lets you experience a sociable environment which not only lets you experience ideal coworking but it enhances your performance at work.

As for the required technology which is much needed to run your business day smooth, your day to day business activities is backed by high internet speeds and telecom set-up partnered with basic at-work facilities which include a dedicated kitchen area where you can delight yourself with tea and refill that energy bar with coffee!

Meeting rooms are also part of the package which are available at a rent by the hour. Enjoy full-on membership with regular networking activities and events and experience the real global networking across the 3000 business centers available worldwide and enjoy the freedom of relocating our desk without any additional charges.

Regus at DWTC Competency

Regus at DWTC provides a professional meeting room environment and running your day to day business activities. Regus has been successful so far in providing a professional workspace environment that entertains technical facilities and high-speed internet to let you experience and enjoy full-on global networking and excel in your performance by all means.

The rest is taken care of by the healthy and co-operative staff which ensures that you get all the necessary support so that you keep delivering the value to your clients and customers just like Regus delivers services at satisfactory levels.

Regus is delivering value to the businesses daily and really contributing to the coworking industry by renting spaces and backing businesses with facilities that ensure an effective day to day business performance, all of this leads to a forward, adaptive and flexible economy.

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