Ajman Corniche Regus- Facilitated & Remarkable View

Ajman Corniche Regus- Facilitated & Remarkable View

Level 12 Ajman Chamber of Commerce building, Ajman, United Arab Emirates


Regus office in Ajman Corniche has basic features that are shared in almost all the Regus Offices from around the world. A distinct feature of the Regus office in Ajman has is the 9th-floor view which can contribute to peace of mind, relaxation, and impressing your clients’ purposes.

However, there are some policies and concerns that you may want to consider that can have an impact on your experience.

What are those concerns? IF you directly want to know then jump straight on to the competency part to know the matter which may be of concern to you.

The value Regus in Ajman Corniche delivers

Regus’s Office in Ajman offers basic facilities such as unlimited internet connectivity at high speeds and if you’re remotely working, you are provided access to the business lounge to keep you connected and working. As for many of the coworking spaces, there is a constant issue highlighted which suggests difficult parking. Regus at Ajman claims to solve that problem by providing convenient parking space and facilities for you and your clients.

Location is among those factors which make this place attractive to impress your clients and relax with the 9th-floor view. Bringing in your clients in the meeting rooms can be a nice idea for casting a business impression on them. Here are some options to get you started, choose your office type.

All the rest facilities and amenities are those already delivered by Regus offices from all over the world. These facilities include Customizing your office and paying just for how much you use. But you may also want to check the pricing policies before you move in, to make sure that you will not get charged extra. Such policies include pricing for facilities in use on daily basis, for example, the Internet.

Regus in Sharjah Mega Mall Competency:

Moving on from the sunset views which are part of the whole office environment and really offer good views which may even result in peace of mind and relaxation. However, there are customer complaints about the unprofessional behavior of the Regus Office’s staff. You may experience unprofessionalism and that may hurt your experience at the Regus Office.

If you have experienced the same or are looking forward to getting more details and information into this matter, Regus has provided its customer support e-mail for this purpose: the customer. service @regus.com. You may consider coming in contact with customer support before moving in.


Apart from the customer service and pricing policy concern, you are presented with connectivity and business lounges and all the basic facilities that Regus offices around the globe offer such as customization of office spaces, technical support, and sociable coworking spaces to stay enrich in contact with a vast circle of service providers.

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